Jules and Jim — 1961 — No. 27


FOURTH TRIVIA REVIEW (of 101 presented randomly):

Back in time we go to 1961…

When Francois Truffaut directed the film “Jules and Jim”, he claimed he wanted the movie “to look like an album of old photographs”.

No. 27 on Kinn and Piazza’s list of best 101 movies of all-time, “Jules and Jim” is “elliptical, full of wit and radiance,” said New Yorker reviewer Pauline Kael. “…this is the best movie ever made about what most of us think of as the Scott Fitzgerald period,” she elaborated.

The movie’s plot has two men who are friends falling for the same woman in Paris in 1912, but who does this woman love? Anyone? Who?

How many of the five trivia questions below about “Jules and Jim” can you answer correctly?
No. 1 — Who are the actors portraying Jules and Jim?
A. — Cary Grant and Clark Gable
B. — Oskar Werner and Henri Serre
C. — Laurence Olivier and Claude Rains

No. 2 — How many other USA-released films did Henri Serre appear in?
A. — Four
B. — Six
C. — Two

No. 3 — Which of the above named six actors died in 1984, two days after Truffaut?
A. — Werner
B. — Gable
C. — Olivier

No. 4 — True, or False: One of the six actors named also played the lead role in 1967’s Fahrenheit 451.

No. 5 — Which character in “Jules and Jim” gave up his love interest in the woman they both loved, only to benefit his friend?
A. — Jules
B. — Jim
C. — Neither

— I’ve not been able to find a rental of “Jules and Jim”.

ANSWERS TO TRIVIA questions on “Jules and Jim”:
No.1 = B.; No.2 = C.; No.3 = A.; No.4 = True (Werner); No.5 = A.

Photo of the cover of the book “Four Star Movies The 101 Greatest Films of All Time”, 2003, by Gail Kinn and Jim Piazza, Black Dog and Leventhal Publishers, New York, from the blog author’s personal copy of the book.


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