Movie and TV Aside–Just for Fun

While the theme of this blog is listing and conversing on the movies named as the top 101 films from the 20th Century, some fun asides will accompany it. This is one for 20th Century Western films buffs.


TV and radio in the 20th Century also sprouted cowboy heroes with their faithful equine companions. It would be remiss not to include those here, too. Toys and products promoted from these family friendly stars and steeds appealed to several generations of kids and remain part of our Western heritage.


“Hi-yo Silver, away!”

Here are the cowboys and cowgirls:

(A) Hopalong Cassidy, (B) Dale Evans, (C) Cisco Kid, (D) Tom Mix, (E) The Lone Ranger, (F) Roy Rogers, (G) Gene Autry, (H) Tonto, (I) Marshal Matt Dillon, (J) Red Ryder, (K) Pancho, (L) Annie Oakley

Now match them up with their horses:

(1) Champion, (2) Diablo, (3) Tony the Wonder Horse, (4) Thunder, (5) Buttermilk, (6) Loco, (7) Trigger, (8) Silver, (9) Buck, (10) Topper, (11) Target, (12) Scout

Photos from the personal and copyrighted collection of Barbara Anne Helberg
Note: DVD Cover (Digiview Productions L.L.C., 2004) of The Lone Ranger and Silver is a scan of my personal copy of same.


(A)=10; (B)=5; (C)=2; (D)=3; (E)=8; (F)=7; (G)=1; (H)=12; (I)=9; (J)=4; (K)=6; (L)=11




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