Movies by the Name — Animal Stars


Great animal star films require very good human trainers and actors. Kelly Reno became a young star in the film “The Black Stallion” with his portrayal of Walter Farley’s horse-loving character, Alec Ramsey.

Can you fill in the blanks on the following questions?

No. 1 = “101 Dalmatians”
— Name the film’s dog parents.

No. 2 = “The Black Stallion”
— Who was the love of The Black’s life?

No. 3 = “Racing Stripes”
— The story’s animal hero was a Zebra. True, or False?

No. 4 = “a Dog of Flanders”
— The movie’s famed dog lived with his rescuers in (A)England; (B)Scotland; (C)North Belgium; (D)USA; (E)Ireland. Pick one!

No. 5 = “Lady and the Tramp”
— In this beloved film’s sequel, Scamp was one of Lady and Tramp’s wayward daughters. True, or False?

Photos from DVD Cover Metro Goldwyn Mayer’s “The Black Stallion”; and VHS Cover Walt Disney’s “Lady and the Tramp”, Buena Vista Home Entertainment, respectively.



No. 1 = Alec Ramsey
No. 2 = Pongo and Perdy
No. 3 = True
No. 4 = North Belgium
No. 5 = False (Scamp was Lady and Tramp’s only son among sibling daughters.)





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